Weapon and ammunition testing
1. Testing and stamping of small arms: shotguns, hunting rifles, rimfire, rifles, pistols, revolvers and the rest of the firearms that use explosive propellant.
2. Testing and controling of ammunition for: rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rimfire weapons and ammunition for industrial devices. Ammunition elements testing: cartridge cases, powders, primers, leaden shot, wads, covers and bullets.
3. Homologation and testing of industrial devices and tools used in technological aims in industry and construction: cattle killeruilizing guns and hard materials connecting guns that use explosive propellant.
4. Testing and stamping of repaired and remodeled small arms.
5. Periodical check of accuracy of small arms in use.

6. Testing and research of new models and constructions of weapon and ammunition.

7. Expertises and expert’s reports concearning the weapon, ammunition and devices that use explosive propelant.

8. Theoretical and practical weapon owner to be training.

9. Personal check and adjustment of weapon accuracy according to individual demands and weapon and munition properties and practical shootting training.

10. Check of patterning and accuracy of rifles with polished tube.

11. Gun sighting by a shooter with personal check of shotguns.

12. Functional and technical accuracy check with the precission of the weapon.

13. Optical sight mounting.

14. Selling of the weapons, ammunition and hunting accessories and equipment.