History of the Proof House Kragujevac

Proof House was founded in the year 1969, by Yugoslavian weapon, ammunition and pawder manufacturing companies. It was based on the “Topolivnica Kragujevac” tradition and experiece in control testing and stamping, that was founded on the 24th of January 1856. On the 29.12.1969 the Proof House was registered at the Regional Commercial Court in Kragujevac. After introducing of the Law and Regulation on Testing and Stamping of the Small Arms and Ammunition, the conditions for the Proof house activities arranged. On the XIII Plenary Session of the Permanent International Commission for the proof small arms (C.I.P.) in 1974 in Italy was adopted the Yugoslavian regulation on weapon and ammunition testing. With this document SFR Yugoslavia became a legal and active member of this International Organization. So Yugoslavia and the Proof House itself have had the honour to be the organizer and hosts of the XV Plenary Session C.I.P. in 1978.
In the last couple of years the business area has expanded and new computer and calibrating equipment has been introduced, all in order to improve efficiency of the Proof House. We are at new beginning now, expecting for the Ministry of internal affairs of Republic of Serbia to release the new Law on testing of weapon and ammunition which is the pre-condition for the Republic of Serbia to access the Brussels convention and to become a member of Permanent Iternational Commission for the proof small arms. In the same time the Proof House stamps will be accepted and worldwide recognized.

How to come to Proof House Kragujevac